Gene Beason(non-registered)
Hi everyone,
We have too good video basied on 2D and 3D animation. You can see 2D and 3D animation video and also see all subject related video.
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Deb Blenkhorn(non-registered)
Excellent stuff here. I particularly like what you have done with the scenes from nature--though I have a feeling you could do some greater justice to the urban cityscape as well. Time for some new photos! :D
John Melville(non-registered)
So awesome!

Thanks for all the great shots. The clarity in so many shots is great. For such a cold couple of days it looks like everyone managed to be in a shot.

Elaine Wright(non-registered)
Great photos of our high school alpine ski team season and of all athletes at the championships. Thanks so much for allowing our athletes access to these. Great mementos for them to have. Definitely want you back next season.
Peter Hamer(non-registered)
Not a lot of folks have made comments here, you need more exposure.....

Brilliant pictures David, you have an amazing eye and such great skill to capture what you see.
Richard C(non-registered)
superb collection,a great combination of art and technical skill .
Brittany McCulloch(non-registered)
Your retirement savings are being well spent (hahaha). Your daughters are absolutely beautiful, and if you took note on my card, I am a professional face painter. I see a lot of children, but they have their own little aura around them. (Or perhaps it is that fabulous camera of yours!) When I saw how sharp your photos were, and the bokeh produced, I knew there was something wicked behind the image!

Look forward to discussing a potential shoot!

Brittany (from the workshop)
David Forster (Bluestone Images)(non-registered)
Looks like you have been enjoying your photography a great deal David.
Victoria F
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