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Family time at Ashland Farms https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/7/family-time-at-ashland-farms A group of two month old foals and their mares all bred from the same stallion at Ashland Farms.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/7/family-time-at-ashland-farms Mon, 07 Jul 2014 01:34:11 GMT
Wildflowers https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/7/wildflower If you don't like these photos then just pretend to like them. I was almost killed by mosquitos getting these frames. These were taken in a little forest/parkland bounded by the 417, Kanata Avenue and Campeau Drive. I went there to find a small pond and see if I could get any interesting light from the setting sun through the trees overhead. But I never found the lake. Only mosquitos with death on their minds.

Viper's Bugloss (Blueweed)

Common Mullein (Torch Flower)

(If I am wrong about the identification of these plants, please don't hesitate to let me know :)

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/7/wildflower Sat, 05 Jul 2014 04:05:12 GMT
Downtown Ottawa on Canada, 2014 https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/7/downtown-ottawa-on-canada-2014 The nation's capital was once again a beehive of activity, patriotism and sometimes just plain weirdness for Canada Day. More shots of this fun and frivolity for your viewing pleasure here.

The SnowbirdsThe Snowbirds



[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/7/downtown-ottawa-on-canada-2014 Wed, 02 Jul 2014 03:48:35 GMT
Fun at the Black Rapids Lockstation on the Rideau River https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/fun-at-the-black-rapids-lockstation-on-the-rideau-river I think four photos for one post might be a record. My rules, and I'll break em' if I want to. The girls had fun watching ducks, climbing trees, playing frisbee, exploring the Park and leaping through the air among other stuff. 

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/fun-at-the-black-rapids-lockstation-on-the-rideau-river Mon, 30 Jun 2014 03:56:53 GMT
Greg Wyard at Hughes Room in Toronto, Canada https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/greg-wyard-at-hughes-room-in-toronto-canada I was privileged to be there, camera in hand, at the launching of Greg's new CD, Encore. It was an amazing performance of some amazing music by an amazing musician and songwriter supported at any given time by anywhere from 6-13 other amazing musicians. This shot may not be the best one I took technically but I just love the vibe it has. :)

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/greg-wyard-at-hughes-room-in-toronto-canada Fri, 27 Jun 2014 19:03:33 GMT
End of a long show day https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/end-of-a-long-show-day Out of the house at 6:00 am, pony loaded on to trailer, off to show, wait a lot, ride, win ribbons, wait, ride, ribbons... then pony back to stall, braids out (long painstaking process) legs poulticed and wrapped, pony groomed, etc... Then time for a well-deserved rest.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/end-of-a-long-show-day Mon, 23 Jun 2014 14:55:01 GMT
Exploring the edge https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/exploring-the-edge Tonight I just got in my car and drove. The sun was still well above the horizon when I left, but I wasted the sunset trying to find a shot from a place where a spectacular view of the Carp Valley is blocked by shrubs and scrubby trees. Argh. The first of the three shots I posted (yes, trying to make up for lost time) was a big pond in a great little piece of the Canadian Shield on Thomas Dolan Parkway. A simple shot of the lake itself just didn't look interesting or do justice to the scene. Hence the decision to focus on the grass instead. The second was on Old Carp Road on my way back to Kanata. No, I wasn't in the car and it wasn't moving. The claustrophobic feel of the rows of trees closing in on the road just seemed to speak to me. The third photo is from Huntmar Road facing the edge of Kanata Lakes. This is the very edge of suburban Ottawa at the very edge of day.

Not my most inspiring efforts but they all spoke to me somehow and it's important now to just keep this thing moving.

Unnamed pond on Thomas Dolan Parkway

Old Carp Road

The Edge of Suburbia

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/exploring-the-edge Sun, 22 Jun 2014 05:09:28 GMT
Back at it! https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/back-at-it Wow. 13 days. Nothing to be done but pick up where I left off. These were both taken at Beaver Pond in Kanata just a few hours ago.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/back-at-it Sat, 21 Jun 2014 02:47:30 GMT
Grand River, downtown Cambridge, Ontario https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/grand-river-downtown-cambridge-ontario Taken at the Cambridge Mill. Another slightly hyper-realistic high dynamic range (HDR) photo. And, yes, another sunset. I like the light at this time of the day.


[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/grand-river-downtown-cambridge-ontario Sat, 07 Jun 2014 12:56:19 GMT
Storm clouds https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/the-coming-storm This was the kind of storm you could feel coming long before it was visible. As the dark clouds slowly rolled in, as the wind picked up and the raindrops began to fall, you knew something big was going to happen.

In truth, the scene didn't look quite like this. This is a heavily processed high dynamic range photo (three photos with different exposures combined into one in photoshop or another software package). There are many different ways an HDR image can be processed. I was going for drama here. The colours in the sky are somewhat exaggerated, but they are the colours that were there when I took the photo. There are a few unfortunate artifacts of the HDR process that will be visible if you look closely. So don't look closely.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/the-coming-storm Thu, 05 Jun 2014 04:38:30 GMT
I painted this myself https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/i-painted-this-myself No, really, I did.

Don't look down.

OK, this was actually produced using a variation on one of the BuzSim filters in the Topaz Simplify plug-ins for Photoshop. So I guess I'm more of a technician than an artist :( .

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/i-painted-this-myself Wed, 04 Jun 2014 00:22:34 GMT
The irises are out https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/the-irises-are-out Why should sunsets be the only theme I beat to death? Let's throw flowers into the mix too. As I said somewhere else on this site, taking pretty pictures of pretty flowers is not exactly an original thought. Good thing I'm not here to generate original thoughts! My goal when I photograph a flower is to try to find some way to add something to the beauty of the flower through the process of capturing and processing the image. 

An iris with some iris buds and a tulip in the background. I took about 50 photos of this iris, but this is the composition that stood out for me.

The iris below was being abused by a strong, gusty wind, and the windswept look caught my attention as something a little unique. This one has a bit of an impressionist look about it. Hmmm... tempted to take it into photoshop and have some fun with it.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/the-irises-are-out Mon, 02 Jun 2014 23:58:11 GMT
Saturday and Sunday: More Sunsets https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/saturday-and-sunday-more-sunsets I'm all out of deep thoughts this evening. So instead, a photography lesson. After the photos. Feel free to read it or not. It's about how I achieved these colours without using any artificial enhancements in post-processing.

Some of you may believe that I artificially enhanced the colour of these images in post-processing. I didn't. What you see is what I got (when I pressed the shutter button). Here's what I did do:

1. Don't despair if (like me) you have a knack for getting to the place where you want to take the photograph literally seconds after the sun dips below the horizon. The best colour is yet to come, after the sun disappears.

2. Don't overexpose the image. The foreground will be much darker than the sky. Allow your camera to meter off the sky (if it has that capability). That will turn the foreground black. It's not the end of the world. Silhouettes are nice, and so are pretty colours.*

3. If you are going to process the images using a program like Photoshop Elements leave the saturation slider alone. Instead use the highlights adjustment to restore colour and (sometimes) detail in the most highly exposed areas of the image. It does this by lowering the luminance in those areas and drawing out more of the natural colour captured by your camera.

*If you want to have your cake and eat it too (i.e a bright foreground and a pretty sky), learn about high dynamic range photography. Here is an example of that.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/6/saturday-and-sunday-more-sunsets Mon, 02 Jun 2014 01:02:25 GMT
Things you might find at Elmcroft on a Friday evening https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/things-you-might-find-at-elmcroft-on-a-friday-evening A cute picture of a fluffy cat! A lethal mouse exterminating killer cat. But a cute fluffy one. Carter, a key member of Elmcroft's pest control squad, seems like he might have the remnants of his latest victim on his chin fur.

Or Chere, being bathed for the first time since last fall, in preparation for her first show of the season.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/things-you-might-find-at-elmcroft-on-a-friday-evening Sat, 31 May 2014 03:23:36 GMT
Good things can come in small packages https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/good-things-can-come-in-small-packages My daughter Emily is an 11 year old in and 8 year old's body. Well, maybe not. She is the size of an 8 year old, but she ran for her school with the big kids today in an 8 x 50 sprint relay and finished her leg (the second) with her team in first place. I've never seen her sprint like this before, and holy smokes, she was determined and she was fast. Her little legs were literally a blur (good thing my camera can shoot at 1/2500 of a second). Her she is receiving the baton, and in the second picture, just getting ready to hand off the baton to the third runner. The team finished second in their race and their time was 5th best overall.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/good-things-can-come-in-small-packages Thu, 29 May 2014 01:25:29 GMT
Fire and life https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/fire-and-life The blazing sun (I did NOT touch the saturation, white balance or colour sliders!) behind those newly formed leaves got me thinking about the relationship between fire and life on this planet. When our very existence depends on a raging inferno 150 billion miles away, is it any wonder that our own existence can at times take on a fiery character of its own?

Or perhaps I'm trying just a little too hard to be profound here.


[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/fire-and-life Tue, 27 May 2014 01:10:05 GMT
A triple hit! Summer in the hundred acre woods (and beyond) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/a-triple-hit-summer-in-the-hundred-acre-woods-and-beyond I finally got around to mowing the paths in the back section of our property affectionately known to us and our kids as the hundred acre woods (three would actually be closer to the mark, but who's counting?) When I went back on foot to admire my handiwork, I conveniently just happened to have Finnigan and my camera with me.

We then went down to the bottom of our property to investigate our derelict apple orchard. It looks great when you blur it out like I did in this photo! Finny looked pretty good too (and didn't need to be blurred out), though he was getting very thirsty at this point and ready to head back inside.

On the subject of apple trees, there was an old apple tree in our back yard that was at the end of its days and died shortly after we moved in years ago. I cut the dead tree down, but there were a few sprouts on the trunk so I left it in place. This is a photo of some of the blossoms one of those little sprouts is now producing.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/a-triple-hit-summer-in-the-hundred-acre-woods-and-beyond Mon, 26 May 2014 01:04:24 GMT
Fungus and moss on an old fallen log in my back yard https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/fungus-and-moss-on-an-old-fallen-log-in-my-back-yard  

When we took this tree down, I deliberately left this log as a play object for my girls and maybe an experiment in decomposition. These fungi are a regular occurrence and I think they add a point of interest to our yard :).

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/fungus-and-moss-on-an-old-fallen-log-in-my-back-yard Sat, 24 May 2014 22:45:19 GMT
Foggy wetland sunrise https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/foggy-wetland-sunrise Taken off Kerwin drive, close to the Unnamed Lake in an earlier photo, but on the other side of the road and facing the opposite direction (east :) .

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/foggy-wetland-sunrise Sat, 24 May 2014 22:42:11 GMT
My little heroes https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/my-little-superstars These were taken on Sunday, so more cheating. But I processed them yesterday and these images stuck with me all day. If you only knew the challenges these girls have faced. This sport is about learning to overcome obstacles in more ways than one. I am so proud of my little girls for the ability they have shown to face daunting challenges head on and confront them seemingly fearlessly.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/my-little-superstars Wed, 21 May 2014 11:48:22 GMT
How did the grass get this long? https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/how-did-the-grass-get-this-long I got this much done before I blew a tire on the lawn tractor. Yet another unsolicited metaphor...

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/how-did-the-grass-get-this-long Tue, 20 May 2014 01:32:52 GMT
Show day https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/show-day Show day isn't all about jumping ponies over fences. It's a 12 hour day in which you participate in 3-5 events typically, spending maybe a total of 20-25 minutes competing in the show ring. These are some shots of what my daughters do to amuse themselves and/or just chill in the long stretches of downtime between those events. Victoria was actually done for the day here, which is why she let her hair go all crazy.

Oh, and Emily did win Ribbons too! :) Including a second place in a very challenging "My First Medal" class. 

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/show-day Mon, 19 May 2014 02:58:43 GMT
Special treats for a show weekend https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/special-treats-for-a-show-weekend My daughters found this delicious and healthy recipe on the internet and baked it without any grownup intervention whatsoever. They are like little granola bar balls with baked apple on the inside. What could be more delicious! 

Sadly, I'll never know, because these are horse treats. And there are few enough of them that if any go missing I will be busted immediately.

I'm off to get a human treat at Starbucks now.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/special-treats-for-a-show-weekend Sat, 17 May 2014 18:17:30 GMT
The first tulips https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/the-first-tulips I don't know why, but I seem to like tulips more before they have fully blossomed. And yet oddly, it's what has yet to come that is the reason I like them in this state so much.

I know. It's completely illogical.

(Posted two photos today to make up for the zero I posted yesterday. I actually took over 1300 photos yesterday, at a school board drama and dance festival. But I can't post photos of other peoples' kids to my blog. So you get an extra tulip instead.)

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/the-first-tulips Fri, 16 May 2014 23:11:16 GMT
Looking to the heavens... https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/looking-to-the-heaves I can't decide if this picture is about the budding of these silver maple leaves, or the search for answers that inevitably leaves us looking to the skies and hoping they will be gifted to us from above.

Or maybe it isn't necessary to look past the budding leaves to find the answers.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/looking-to-the-heaves Thu, 15 May 2014 03:57:04 GMT
The Bright Lights of Fame https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/the-bright-lights-of-fame Tech Rehearsal at Carleton University for DA Moodie's 2014 Production of Fame.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/the-bright-lights-of-fame Wed, 14 May 2014 03:18:30 GMT
Sunday at Fiddlers Green, Part 2 https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/sunday-at-fiddlers-green-part-2 Emily on Showtime (Razzie), Sunday, May 11.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/sunday-at-fiddlers-green-part-2 Wed, 14 May 2014 02:56:19 GMT
Sunday at Fiddlers Green, Part 1 https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/sunday-at-fiddlers-green Victoria on Butter Be Good, Sunday May 11.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/sunday-at-fiddlers-green Wed, 14 May 2014 02:54:08 GMT
Unnamed lake https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/unnamed-lake Off Kerwin Drive, this is a little lake that is barely visible as I drive by it every day. Getting to it today meant fighting my way through a nasty tangle of thorns and thistles, and I'm not sure if the photo justifies the effort. Of course, I suppose I never would have known if I hadn't made the effort.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/unnamed-lake Sun, 11 May 2014 04:02:59 GMT
A hack in the field https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/a-hack-in-the-field Following their last lesson before the first competition of the 2014 show season, Victoria, Emily and Callum got to take their ponies for a hack (that's horse world lingo for a cross country walk) in the field behind the stable.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/a-hack-in-the-field Sat, 10 May 2014 00:26:56 GMT
Canada Geese https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/canada-geese In the park behind St. John's Church, while Victoria and Emily practiced with their choir. Yes, I cheated again because I couldn't decide between these two. But they are in one post, so is it really cheating?

These guys appear to be practicing yoga in the park.

While this guy, already armed with inner peace, just cruises around the pond daring me to get in his way.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/canada-geese Fri, 09 May 2014 03:52:42 GMT
A cute picture of a fluffy dog. https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/a-cute-picture-of-a-fluffy-dog Albeit a little less fluffy than he was earlier today. Blue cooperated beautifully and took the whole shoot very seriously. Perhaps too seriously.

This one is for you Linda. Somebody wanted to say hi to his "other" mommy. :)

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/a-cute-picture-of-a-fluffy-dog Thu, 08 May 2014 01:58:59 GMT
The road that takes me home https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/the-road-that-takes-me-home Cheater! Two photos in one day. Actually this is the second time I've cheated but only those who scour metadata will be able to bust me on the first one.

I took this moments after today's other photo. I came to this spot for a photo of Mrs. Olive's field, and I got one I'm satisfied with. But somehow, this one speaks to me more. This is, after all, supposed to be a journey.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/the-road-that-takes-me-home Tue, 06 May 2014 02:16:03 GMT
The greening of "Mrs. Olive's Field" https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/the-greening-of-mrs-olives-field I'll quit with the sunsets when I feel like quitting with the sunsets!

What a great feeling to look across a field and finally see the colour green.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/the-greening-of-mrs-olives-field Tue, 06 May 2014 02:01:07 GMT
Micro sunset https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/micro-sunset I can't get off this sunset theme. But the idea of using the twilight sky to illuminate the tiny droplet of water captured by a budding leaf... it was too much to resist. I believe there is beauty in this scene, but it's not what we would all consider to be classic beauty. For me, the beauty of springtime is not just the perfect flower blossoms. It's the regrowth, the renewal, the revitalization. And we can only witness that if we give our attention to the state of decline or decay that precedes it.


[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/micro-sunset Mon, 05 May 2014 00:51:43 GMT
Finnigan at Sunset https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/finnigan-at-sunset Waiting, wondering and hoping.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/finnigan-at-sunset Sat, 03 May 2014 22:45:23 GMT
Tractor at sunset https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/tractor-at-sunset So many images here... the sunset, the aging tractor resolute against the rigours of time, the means to guide its journey...

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/tractor-at-sunset Fri, 02 May 2014 17:39:09 GMT
Happiness is https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/happiness-is The sun made an appearance today. Getting down on my hands and knees and giving every ounce of my awareness to these flowers I lost myself, as I did yesterday, in their microcosm. Stand back and you see little yellow flowers poking out of the greyish-brown ground. Bring yourself in close and you begin to experience their joy.

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/5/happiness-is Fri, 02 May 2014 00:34:50 GMT
Last of the april showers https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/4/last-of-the-april-showers Wow. Day 2 of this adventure and it was all I could do to motivate myself to go out in the rain with my macro lens and find something to shoot. It's funny, though. Rain is just water. And when you experience it as up close as these crocuses do, it's actually quite beautiful. 

[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/4/last-of-the-april-showers Wed, 30 Apr 2014 23:58:11 GMT
Dawn https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/4/dawn Constant creek, April 29, 2014.

This is the start of a personal project where I will take and post a single photo every day. Except I will probably miss days. Let's see if I can hit more than I miss, haha.

There is a journey to be taken here, and I while I am hopeful, I am not sure where it will take me.


[email protected] (David Forster's Photography) https://www.fifthlinephotography.ca/blog/2014/4/dawn Wed, 30 Apr 2014 02:32:36 GMT