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Created 13-Aug-13
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Rings Covered

It goes without saying that one photographer cannot cover 4 rings that are running simultaneously. This is one reason why I stayed between rings 2 and 3 for a good portion of the day (I could, sort of, cover 2 rings simultaneously). The neglected rings were ring 1 (no photos at all) and the jumper ring (only a handful of photos). At the next show I attend (likely Westar, Sept. 15) I will spend more time at the always fun jumper ring.

Quality of images

These are PROOFS. Final images will be in keeping with the standards illustrated in the Numech Preview gallery (or better).

Final editing includes
- fine tuning of cropping
- final correction for colour, shadows, highlights
- extra attention to skin tones, including selective adjustments
- adjustment of levels
- final sharpening
- basic retouching
- basic dodging/burning as required
- one final injection of awesomeness
- etc.

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PRICE LIST: In "Numech, August 10, 2013" gallery.

QUESTIONS: email me at [email protected].

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Did I mention that my email address is [email protected]?

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