If you are visiting this page, chances are you don't need me to introduce myself. If you do, my name is David Forster, that's me* shooting from the battlements of St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall, England, and I'm not a professional photographer. I have a doctorate in psychology and work for the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Canada in the area of industrial-organizational psychology. If you have ever launched a legal challenge against a PSC standardized test before a tribunal like the Public Service Staffing Tribunal, we may have met. Sorry it didn't work out for you.

Photography has been an interest of mine for 15 years but I have only been practicing digital SLR photography since early summer of 2011.This site was launched in October of 2011 and thus far, with one exception, contains exclusively dSLR photos since the summer of 2011. I love to photograph pretty much any thing or event that I consider to be interesting. If you have a suggestion, please pass it on.

I just passed my 700th visitor. That's very nice, but so far there are only a few comments and guest book entries (and that stat has actually been padded by my daughter Victoria). Please don't hesitate to leave a trace of your visit! It need not be accolades. Criticism is welcome, as are general comments, ideas and any good jokes you've heard lately.

Dave Forster
Dunrobin, Ontario
September, 2012

* Profile photo taken by Emily (just about to turn 9 at the time). Notice her careful adherence to the rule of thirds.